The Company

WIS is a family business and has been making luxury furniture, cabinetry, panelling and specialist joinery for more than two generations.

Our services include bespoke furniture, specialist joinery, interior design and turnkey solutions in both traditional and contemporary styles, where marquetry and intarsia are seen in their rightful place.

We have provided remarkably versatile and prestigious projects worldwide, including private residences, hotels, banks, commercial spaces and yachts. WIS is known through the word of mouth, resulting in the creation of many eminent projects while building ongoing business collaborations that are continuous and long standing.

Our clients include private individuals, famous for their achievements in sports, media and business whose privacy we loyally respect and uphold. Confidentiality and privacy is tantamount. WIS also works in close collaboration with architects, designers and high-end property developers, where both our clients and partners receive an exclusive, personalised service.

The Team

The WIS story began with Slava;
an Architect graduate who aspired to create glorious and beautiful spaces using wood.

Following through on his dream, he founded the handcrafted furniture company back in 1991. Today, WIS continuous to be successfully run by two of his sons-in-law and two daughters, following wood craftsmanship traditions passionately initiated by Slava, our founder.


Founder & Interior Designer


BD & Finance Manager


Project Director


CAD & Visualisation Manager


Marketing & PR Manager

The Workshop

Incorporating Northern and Italian wood craftsmanship traditions we are unique furniture makers as we design, make and create luxury spaces in both traditional and contemporary styles.

We source the most remarkable and graceful wood from all over the world to create personalised interior items that showcase your individuality, through design, texture, colour, marquetry and intarsia wood art.

For WIS exceptional materials selection coupled with beautiful combinations are of vital importance to attain your exclusive signature and luxurious identity of any interior. As part of WIS designs we incorporate traditional wood such as fine yew, oak, mahogany, ash or burr walnut along with exotic wood including macassar, bubinga, ziricote and cocobolo to mention but a few. We are able to comprise upholstery, marble, granite, glass, silver and gold in our products adding a unique and luxurious dimension. Our versatile craft skills allow us to create elegant interiors complementing trends of an eclectic style.

The Woodland

Our aim is to promote a passion for wood and continuously sustainable environment through philanthropical compassion and reforesting.

Wood is a remarkable material and is extremely versatile in texture, colour and character. Depending on the type of wood, it takes 20 to 75 years for the tree to grow before it can be transformed into a glorious interior masterpiece, which will last through many generations.
To pay tribute to that unique material, after completing the project, we plant trees in our commissioned ‘Fern’s Forest’ with an optional tally in your honour. You can also sponsor the tree if you so wish and bystand the growth through the lifetime passing it on through years within family.