Terms & Conditions


Our full and detailed Terms and Conditions of Sale will be provided together with the quotation and/or invoice.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

If you would like to place an order for customised products or make an enquiry about a project, please send us an enquiry contact form with a detailed description of your inspiration and vision. On receipt of your enquiry we will contact you and commence work following the process detailed here: How We Work.

The average lead time is 6 to 10 weeks for smaller projects (i.e. single sideboard) and 10 to 16 weeks for larger projects (i.e. kitchen & dining set), all lead times are subject to project complexity, selected material availability, finish type and requested additional features.

WIS is able to work with your preferred designer and/or architect to produce complete interior furnishing, including panelling and specialist joinery. Alternatively, we have our in-house designer who can advise and lead your project.

We are able to reproduce any piece of furniture for you, based on a drawing or image supplied. The accuracy of our reproduction will depend on the depth of detail provided. All necessary measures will be taken by WIS to ensure the end product is as accurate as possible.

We provide a detailed and accurate product specification including materials used and featured finishes in any given project. Relevant samples will be provided throughout the course of the project that will enable you to select and approve, including wood types, colours, texture & finish, textiles, upholstery, glass, metals, stones, etc. Initially agreed samples and up to three variations will be provided. Supply of additional samples will incur a small charge.

WIS will work strictly to the dimensions provided by you or your contractor (designer, architect, builder, etc.) and will take no responsibility if supplied dimensions are inaccurate. However, we offer our own trusted measurement service (see measurements). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the products ordered will fit into the intended space or room as well as through the access door, hallway, staircase, ceiling, etc. We can arrange an onsite access check for you prior to delivery of the product (see access check). Alternatively, we can offer an on-site assembly service (see assembly).

Where measurements are provided by third parties for fitted pieces of furniture or specialist joinery we require: Walls to be complete with final plasterboard finish fixed. Clearly identified openings for doors, windows, sockets, etc., with allowance for any linings. Clearly indicated door hanging directions. Accurate dimensions for any cornices, architraves and skirting boards. Finish floor line and finish ceiling line must be clearly marked in all relevant areas. All ducting, risers, cable routes and pipework must either be in place or clearly marked on site. All equipment either completely or partially enclosed by joinery must be fixed in position, with all access panel requirements clearly marked. All cable and services routes behind and through joinery must be fully specified and clearly indicated.

WIS can provide on-site measurement for any type of product and project. This will incur extra cost and will be quoted on case-by-case basis. However WIS will take full responsibility for the compatibility of any product provided in this case.

WIS supplies 2D CAD drawing for all projects as standard with notation of detailed dimensions, etc. These are provided in Black & White or RGB without any texture. Two revisions of technical drawings are complimentary. Further revisions will be charged at an hourly rate. You may wish to obtain a 3D visualisation of the product on a plain background, which will be charged at £250 + VAT for simpler products (i.e. one standalone item) that will hold true colour & texture in two view angles and £750 + VAT for simple interiors that will hold true colours & textures in one view angle. More in-depth quotations will be provided on request for a particular project. Any changes or alterations requested by the customer in CAD or 3D visualisation will incur additional charges. The 3D option is highly recommended as it enables customers to see the finished product or project of interest in its true light.

Initial site visit for the project will be charged at £80 + VAT in Central London. Charges for visits in other areas will be quoted on case-by-case basis. This also includes meeting your designer or architect on your behalf on site or their premises.

Initial site visit for the project will be charged at £80 + VAT in Central London. Charges for visits in other areas will be quoted on case-by-case basis. This also include one meeting with your designer or architect on your behalf either on site or at their premises.

All of the free-standing furniture and interior accessories are made and fitted with additional features in our workshop before delivery. In cases where on-site assembly is required, you will be told when your order is placed and this will be included in the quotation and/or the invoice. The cost for assembly will be provided on an individual basis. In the event of your contractor undertaking assembly, this will affect the structural warranty conditions for the product.

Based on the initial information provided through completion of an enquiry form WIS will be able to give a free indicative quotation for the product or interior project. For a precise quotation, more detailed information will be required. Therefore, we recommend you use our initial visit service. The quoted price will exclude VAT and delivery costs unless specifically stated. If you are exempt from VAT please provide relevant documentation and information at the time of placing any order. Any quoted price remains valid for 4 weeks unless stated otherwise.

On placing an order, you will receive an invoice from WIS with further instructions of payment (see payment section for more information). You may opt to use our subsidiary services, which include, access check, secure delivery (which we highly recommend, See Delivery), transportation insurance, handling service, storage service and assembly on site. For these services you will receive a separate quotation if requested.

WIS requires a 50% deposit, from the total order amount stated on the invoice, for all orders placed prior to commencing work. The deposit should be paid within three (3) working days of receiving an invoice. The remaining amount on the invoice should be paid within 4 to 8 weeks of the date on the invoice, which will be subject to project type and specified in the invoice. Payment for the order should be made by bank transfer (BACS) or cheque. If the payment is made by check this will incur additional 10 days to commencing work due to bank clearance times. Full payment for the order should be received and cleared before the product dispatch from WIS workshop.

You should unpack and inspect your product immediately on delivery. If you believe any of the products are not in accordance with the invoice, or are damaged or defective, please give us notice in writing within three (3) days of delivery. Nothing in this clause affects your statutory rights as a consumer. We cannot accept claims for non-delivery of the order unless notified in writing within five (5) days of the agreed delivery date. And although we do not take any responsibility for the product loss or damage during delivery or non-delivery, we will do our best to take all the necessary steps in the unlikely event if such occurs (see Delivery).

WIS is proud to provide a skilled bespoke service, where all of our free-standing furniture and interior accessories are made to order in accordance with your vision. Therefore the statutory seven (7) day cancellation period under article 10 of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 does not apply. No cancellations will be accepted by WIS once production has begun. The deposit for any order is non-refundable, and shall be retained by WIS even in event of an early cancellation. Any changes to the original specification or order must be notified in writing and are not guaranteed. Additional changes will incur additional charges. Returns are not accepted.

We guarantee that WIS products comply with their description provided in any agreed quotations and/or invoices. All products are subject to seven (7) years structural warranty, excluding cases where products are assembled by a third-party. This warranty is also subject to correct use and care. The warranty will not apply if any defect to the product arises from: wear and tear, wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident, negligence by you or by any third party, inappropriate use or use in non-intended purpose, any alteration / repair or modification carried out by you or by a third party, negligence of care instructions, force majeure events (including but not limited to wars, riots, terrorist attack, vandalism, etc.) and acts of nature.

To our knowledge, your products will be free from any defect at time of dispatch (see delivery section). In the unlikely event that your goods are faulty, please contact us in writing quoting your order number and we will take all reasonable measures to rectify the fault.​

Products made by the WIS bear our logo. Any requirement for unbranded products must be discussed with us prior to confirming your order.

Our products are handcrafted from real wood and hence we are unable to offer a laser-precise replica of the products seen in our boutique or 3D visualisations. However the products you will receive will be carefully crafted replicas. Where the texture of the wood pieces, intarsia or marquetry are involved all efforts will be made to reproduce the display product, however please note that this wood art has a natural variance and two pieces of wood are never identical, even more so when they form part of the composition. We take pride in our traditional skills and techniques for wood craftsmanship, which adds to the exceptional beauty and individuality of each of our products. If you require a higher level of uniformity or finish for your products, please discuss possible options and your requirements with us before confirming your order.

On signing the contract with WIS, you agree to provide free access to your property, on a mutually agreed day, within ninety (90) days following product installation and/or assembly on your site for us to take photographs of the completed work. We will hold the full, unlimited rights for such photographs and may display them on our website or any of our other literature. None of your private information will be disclosed and you are welcome to remove any items and/or belongings from the complete product and/or interior to ensure they will not feature in any photographs taken.

In case of any reproduction or interior design project, where drawings and/or design were supplied by you or your contractor, we will not take any responsibility or be held liable for any reproduction made that contravenes any existing copyright, trademarks or patents. You or your contractor will be responsible for obtaining any required permission prior to commencing the project with us. On project completion, we hold the full free rights for future sale of any products designed throughout the duration of the project with and/or for you. If you wish to own the design rights, the conditions of contracts will be revised prior signage.

The materials used for our furniture are of the highest quality and careful maintenance of each piece should continue to keep its appearance over many decades.

Most furniture is finished with a hard-wearing lacquer to give protection. However during the life of your furniture some settling of the timbers and veneers and some changes of colour and shade or fading may occur. This is a natural process and will vary depending on the wood type and environmental conditions.

All timbers can alter slightly when exposed to light, where some tend to darken and some may lighten. Consequently, the position of ornaments or other objects left on surfaces should be changed regularly to avoid patches becoming noticeable. This is especially important during the first year when wood is settling and adapting to the environment.

Avoid extreme changes in room humidity, and never place a piece of furniture directly next to a heat source, through wind or in direct sunlight. It is important that the environment is maintained at an ambient humidity level between 45– 65% and at a temperature between 20–25°C. Otherwise, extreme timber movement may result.

Use protective pads to prevent the furniture surface from hot and cold items, for example, cups of tea or icy cocktails. Remove any spillages of liquid from the furniture immediately. Failure to do so may leave a permanent mark on the furniture.

Do not apply any force with sharp objects on the furniture as this may leave dents and wear marks. Avoid rubbing the furniture with swift circular or angular motions as this may leave scratches in the furniture lacquer.

For best cleaning results, furniture can be revitalised by simple gentle strokes with a soft dry duster, if it is warm this will produce a better finish. To remove any stubborn marks use a slightly dampened cloth on the marked area and then finish off with a soft dry cloth. Never use polishes, solvents or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the lacquer.